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An extra May 2018 e-news

Inspiration is not garnered from the recitation of what is flawed; it resides, rather, in humanity’s willingness to restore, redress, reform, rebuild, recover, re imagine, and reconsider…Healing the woulds of the earth and its people does not require saintliness or a political party, only gumption and persistence. It is not a liberal or conservative activity; it is a sacred act.

Paul Hawkin, Blessed Unrest (1)


Welcome to our extra e-news for May 2018.

This e-news gives information about :

  • A special additional event-  Stop Adani film and blockade  Q&A in Daylesford 
  • Castlemaine Repair Cafe‘s 1st birthday
  • Next Democracy4Dinner event
  • Risk of trespass charge for Central Vic Climate supporters
  • Hepburn Shire- Z-NET and Solar Bulk buy
  • Hepburn Shire Community Recycling Forum
  • Representing your local community 2 workshops
  • Growing Abundance GreenGAGE and Harvest
  • Castlemaine Seed Library
  • Food for thought – Built in Obsolesence and  The Monthly on Adani


Join us for this collaboration between Central Vic Climate Action, Sustainable Hepburn Association (SHARE), Hepburn Wind, Hepburn Relocalisation Network and Localising Leanganook.

When: Friday May 25th, 2018

6.30pm for soup, 7.00pm film screening

followed by Q&A with blockaders

Where: Senior Citizens room, rear Daylesford Town Hall

BYO bowl and spoon for soup

Entry: Donation towards Stop Adani campaign

It seems like it is up to young people, ordinary everyday people, to put ourselves in the way to stop a billionaire building the largest coal mine in the southern hemisphere and wrecking the reef and my future”    Young Castlemaine blockader                      

Documentary film#StopAdani: A Mighty Force 

An unstoppable movement for change in action. The power and passion of people taking extraordinary action.

 “Adani is dealing with a mighty force. And the more it grows, the harder we’ll be to beat.”  Juru Traditional Elder, Carol Prior




When: Sunday May 27th, 10.00am to 1.00pm

Where: Ray Bradfield Room, Castlemaine

between Victory Park and IGA carpark

Contributions to finger food for first birthday lunch welcomed.


When:  7pm, Tuesday 29th  May, 2018

Where: Bistro Lola, next to Theatre Royal, Castlemaine

Topic: “Can a grassroots movement put carbon pricing back on the agenda?“, a conversational dinner on pathways to bi-partisan climate policy, with Warwick Smith. RSVP Now.

What’s on the conversational menu?  

Is it time to bring back a price on carbon? The Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) thinks so, and have been successful in the US at gathering bi-partisan support in Congress for a ‘fee and dividend’ approach. Warwick Smith, local economist and writer for the Guardian and the Conversation, will speak with us about the advantages of this model, which is a little akin to a universal basic income paid for by climate polluters.
Can the Australian branch of CCL, which is gathering steam now after two years of existence, achieve similar support, or does the political context here demand a different approach? What are some ways a ‘fee and dividend’ model could be tweaked for best results? And what can a region like Mount Alexander offer in contribution or leadership? Recent publications from participants in Australia’s carbon market suggest that carbon farming could be an effective strategy for winning regional support at the same time making a unique global contribution to carbon abatement.

Below are some suggested readings to whet your appetite. If you have some time to prepare, please bring your ideas to the table.

Warwick’s 2014 article for the ABC: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-29/smith-carbon-price-round-two:-lets-get-it-right-this-time/5705166


This coming Friday, May 18th, several Central Vic Climate supporters risk being charged with trespass at Bendigo Magistrates Court, as a result of seeking a meeting with Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie to protest her support of the Adani Mine!

Join supporters in court this Friday as we defend people’s right to protest our Government’s immoral ongoing pursuit of profits from coal, whilst the world temperature increases and wreaks havoc all over the planet.


When: 9.30am Friday 18th May (or join us on the 8.48 am train from Castlemaine)
Where: Bendigo Magistrates Court
With: Supportive signs for Bernie & Damien, climate placards etc for important photos outside court.


 Z-NET is a community-focused approach to reduce emissions from fossil fuels and grow local renewable energy capacity. Core to the Z-NET approach is working with community
members to co-develop a transition plan that meets the needs of local residents and businesses.
Would you like to be part of Hepburn Shire’s journey to zero-net emissions? Z-NET would like to hear how residents of Hepburn Shire currently use energy in their homes. How can the community as a whole manage the transition to renewable sources and zero-net emissions?
The Z-NET project is seeking 1,000 households to complete the energy consumption survey before May 31st, to create a meaningful and representative profile. Here’s the survey:  take the household survey.
Z-NET is looking for community members to help shape the direction of this project as part of the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) and also to propose local place-based ideas. To find out more about the CAP or to enter and vote on ideas, go to
www.oursay.org/z-net. The first CAP meeting will take place on Saturday 2 June from 2-5pm in Daylesford, if you are interested in joining the CAP, email taryn@ata.org.au


When: Sunday 3rd June  (time to be advised- check Hepburn Shire website closer to the time)

Where: Daylesford Senior Citizens room, rear Town hall

Hepburn residents are encouraged to attend this community recycling forum that includes glass recycling and bottle deposit legislation, repair cafe, plastics return to source, and an update on Council’s anaerobic digester.


Voices for Indi- Have you thought about running for Council or Parliament? 

When : June 2nd-3rd, 2018

Where: La Trobe University, Wodonga

Voices for Indi are running a practical workshop designed to provide prospective candidates and their supporters with enhanced skills and knowledge to get elected. The workshop will focus on how our political system works, strategies for campaigning, managing expectations and connecting with your community.

For more info- http://www.voicesforindi.com/getting_elected_to_represent_your_community_a_workshop

2018 Future of Local Government National Summit

When:May 30th and 31st, 2018

Where: Angliss Conference Centre, Melbourne

The summit, organised by the Municipal Association  of Victoria,  will focus on Community-Led Governance (Community co-leadership & co-design), and Co-operation and collaboration between councils.

This Summit will celebrate the local, who’s leading the (new) way and how they’re doing it.
Bursaries and reduced rates may be possible.
Online registration and conference details   www.mav.asn.au/events 

GROWING ABUNDANCE- GreenGAGE and Harvest program

Castlemaine’s Growing Abundance is looking for people to:

  • Co-ordinate community-based workshops utilising local resources and skills;
  • Co-ordinate local markets selling a range of sustainably sourced garden products;
  • Manage online shop including stocktake, advertising and collection of goods;
  • Co-ordinate GreenGAGE services including pruning and wicking bed builds.

If this sparks your interest contact hello@growingabundance.org.au


The Castlemaine Seed library is looking for more community members to keep the Seed Library moving forward in a streamlined, shared and sustainable way.

If you’re interested in gardening, have a passion for supporting local food and sharing economies, please get in touch with Dayna at seedlibrary@growingabundance.org.au


The problem with planned obsolescence

The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA)  is speaking out against planned obsolescence and providing solutions to reduce the practice.

Shifting away from this practice will create a boom in meaningful employment for people in other industrial sectors such as product design, repair services and maintenance, resource recovery, waste minimisation and logistical services.

Planned obsolescence is an economic strategy to keep people buying the same type of product again, and again, in a saturated market. This may be done in various ways, including:

  • designing products so they break or stop working within a short timeframe;
  • making it difficult to repair or upgrade a product;
  • convincing consumers that products are no longer fashionable.

What you can do

Until 29 June 2018, all Australians have a unique opportunity to demand an end to planned obsolescence by contributing to the 2018 Review of the Product Stewardship Act. There’s multiple ways to share your views:

  • attend a public community consultation forum for the Product Stewardship Act review. These meetings will be held in capital cities in May – June 2018. To register your interest, visit https://www.eventbrite.com.au/d/australia–australia/product-stewardship-forum/
  • make your own submission to the reviewSubmissions are open until 29 June 2018. Your submission may be as simple and short as you like and can include a statement in support of
  • See AELA’ s guide on making a submission here. A final copy of AELA’s Submission will be available on their website in late May.

Why Adani Won’t die

An article in the Monthly BY Richard Denniss 



(1) Paul Hawken cited in: Massy, Charles: Call of the Reed Warbler, University of Queensland Press, 2017, p. 433

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